It’s over. And I’m ready.

If you’re a serial startup leader, you appreciate the chance to take a break, reflect, and recharge after an exit or two. That’s what I just did – and now I’m open to the next challenge, whether on a corporate team or long-term engagement. Let me know what you’ve got!

My startup recovery regimen:

-Sell a house
-Move family to Montana
-Unsubscribe from 76 email lists
-Build a house
-Take long road trips to appreciate our beautiful country
-Launch one kid into college
-Transition another to a new high school
-Learn about and invest in cash flow real estate
-Become a horse owner
-Keep a foot in the e-commerce door through consulting
-Serve as startup advisor (check out the up-coming TechStars event )
-Test niche apparel business
-Dry January
-Meditate (ok, still a work in progress)

Can’t wait to get back to it!