“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Suzanne twice in recent roles.  Suzanne is a dependable and creative professional that can be counted on in the toughest of situations to meet and exceed commitments and expectations.  While Suzanne demonstrated a consistent ability to drive profitable partnerships when dealing with mature relationships, her real talents came to light when it came to start-up and turn around environments.  From identifying and planning to initial customer contact to closing and driving new business, Suzanne has the skill, passion and drive to get the job done. ”
-Jamie Stack, Director of Sales, Logitech

“In my several years of working with Suzanne in high-tech I was extremely impressed by her ability to deliver on the objectives put in front of her with a very enthusiastic and passionate approach.  Her creativity and out-of-the-box thinking led her to create many unique solutions, which solved extremely difficult problems with her key customers.  This process clearly differentiated her and allowed her to exceed the lofty goals she set for herself.   Suzanne’s approach and talents transcend any specific industry.”
– Ed Engler, Vice President of Strategic Sales, a Fortune-500 technology company

“Suzanne is a high-energy leader who understands the on-the-ground dynamics of crowdfunding better than anyone I know.  When it comes to harnessing the power of your volunteer supporters to help build awareness and support for your organization, Suzanne is the go-to person!”
– Dave Boyce, CEO, Fundly

“Based upon my personal experience and the formal feedback reviews from our clients, Suzanne is one of our top-rated speakers at Silicon Valley SCORE. Her speaking style at our presentations and seminars is inspiring, creative and energizing. She is able to challenge organization leaders to think in new and effective ways so they can reach new supporters and donors through social media. She provides both the strategic and tactical tools to help them with a successful implementation.”
– John Edwards, Silicon Valley SCORE

“Suzanne is a joy to work with. She is smart and organized and gives 100% into every aspect of the project at hand. She is a team player who can work just as well alone as she does in a group setting…I worked on a YouTube video series where she proved that she has a great on-camera presence as well. Suzanne really knows her stuff and would be a great addition to any team or company.
– J. Whiting, Producer, Dialed Media